Trip to Kodaikanal with Saanvi

I Will try to keep this post small and simple. Went to kodaikanal, the nearest hill station to Madurai. The three days trip was filled with fun. This turns out to be my fourth visit to Kodaikanal and kodai is no longer a strange place. Nothing has changed in Kodaikanal. Though the first day was little hot, the second day turned out to be like what we expected. The second day was a lot cooler and the cool breeze increased the delight. We were walking through the mist in places shanthi valley view and guna caves.

As usual the nights went faster as we engaged ourselves in cards. It was the usual Ace game with little difference. The difference is that the person who manages to lose four consecutive games and collect all the four aces should take bath in the ice cool water in the middle of Kodai night. One of our friend successfully achieved the feat and took bath in the middle of the night. We had an oppurtunity to see sai baba who was on kodai. We managed to catch a glimpse of the bisons during the return journey. Nothing has changed in Kodai. It is the same old hill station with really inviting climatic conditions and places that offer stupendous view of the valley below. Managed to take lot of photos but yet to upload them in picasa .


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